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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2014 02:49PM MDT

One of the features that comes with all our apps is free access to our lolo Connect service. It's a great tool for analyzing your past to track your improvement. I always tell people that numbers like calories, weight, body measurements, heart rate, etc. are great objective measures to see how you're progressing, but only if you watch them over time. The numbers themselves are really meaningless without context. In fact, they can even be distracting. Seeing the calories you burned during today's workout doesn't really mean anything. It doesn't mean that you burned off exactly that much fat, and it doesn't mean that you now have exactly that many "free calories" that you can go eat.

But viewing that calorie number over time is a great way to track your effort and improvement. Seeing that number go up over time means you're successfully completing harder workouts. And seeing a low calorie dip in your history shows that maybe you didn't give your all that day. It's a great tool to keep you focused and on track towards your goal.

Interactive Graphs

Get a visual representation of your workouts so you can see at a glance what you've done. It helps you really visualize your effort and see what can get you results quickest.

Interactive Map
With GPS apps, like our Jeff Galloway Running Apps, you can track your speed and altitude throughout your run with an interactive map. You will easily be able to see where you struggle and where you excel during your route and you can view your improvement over time. 

Perfect Your Pace

The key to event training is maintaining a consistent pace throughout our event. Use Connect to view your mile splits and make sure you're not pushing too hard in the beginning and wearing out by the end of your run. 

Use the tools at your disposal to get the most out of your training. Connect is already included for free with your app purchase, so track your improvement over time and use this information to keep steadily progressing towards your goal.


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